The service

Even in a country like ours (Sweden is one of the world's most tech-advanced nations) most people still use physical hard drives to store their photos and videos. So we decided to roll up our sleeves and do something about it. We set up Kiliaro with the ambition to show everybody how much easier, safer, more convenient and fun it is to have our digital life in the cloud.

  • Easier - because your photos and videos are automatically pulled in from all your devices and uploaded to the Internet without you having to actively do anything.

  • Safer - because your content is encrypted, copied and held in different data centres. We keep your original files without compressing them in any way.

  • Convenient - because all your files are automatically stored, organised and accessible in one place.

  • Fun - because you get the opportunity to rediscover happy and touching memories to share with your friends and family.

Our vision is to become the home for your life-memories.

Our office

Our office is in the heart of Stockholm, capital of Sweden. But to ensure security and accessibility, our servers are in a variety of locations. If you are in the neighbourhood swing by for a coffee or a game of mario kart.

You can find us at Kungsgatan 54 in Stockholm.

The team

Our team of engineers and designers has built industry-leading products at companies such as TradeDoubler, Spotify, Klarna, Electrolux and more. They have proven experience in delivering advanced, secure, effective storage solutions.

We’re always happy to hear from experienced candidates interested in joining our world-class team and help build the perfect home for humankind's digital memories. Go to our Jobs section for more information.