Take control of your photos

Store, explore and organize your photos and videos on your private account.

Unlimited space

With Kiliaro you get all the space you'll ever need. So you can take as many photos as your camera can muster.

Room for another photo

Never miss a moment to remember. With a single click you can remove all photos already uploaded to Kiliaro from your phone, so that you never get the ”No space left” message again.

Always be in control

We promise that with Kiliaro you are in control. We refuse to sell your information to the highest bidder and we claim no ownership of your photos. That's how it will always be.

All your photos and videos in one place

Kiliaro keeps your originals securely and privately backed up. You will never lose your memories again, and no more will photos and videos take up all of your phone’s space.

For only €2 per month you'll get...

Unlimited storage. Do we need to say more?
Auto-uploading. New photos and videos are automatically uploaded to your Kiliaro account.
Timeline view. All your photos and videos are sorted in chronological order.
Albums. It's easy to create albums of important events or memorable moments.
Slideshows. You can play photos or videos from your timeline or albums in a full-screen slideshow.
Geo-tagging. Kiliaro imports the location information in your photos.
Original size. We support all common formats such as jpg, png, avi, mpg and mp4, storing them without any compression.